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1) Ticor Title Insurance premiums are paid at the close of sale. There are no subsequent payments requested after.
2) Prior to the sale of a property, Ticor Title does a detailed search of the property through county records to eliminate any problems which may arise pursuant to issuing a policy. Make sure you have all reconveyances and demands ready to eliminate liens/judgments for a smoother and quicker transaction.
3) Ticor Title Insurance protects buyers and lenders against “clouds” on the title. For example: fraud, forged deeds, unknown heirs, judgment and liens, etc.
4) Ticor Title insurance gives you protection against claims brought by another party, effective the day the policy is issued.
5) Ticor Title insurance provides a provision for payment of any legal fees which may come as a result of a claim against a property which is covered by a policy. Ticor Title has a claim reserve of $2.44 Billion to cover such claims.
6) Ticor Title Insurance Policy contains provisions for protection against any losses resulting from a claim.
7) Choose a title company with at least 40% market share and is one of the Top 8 of title companies.  Ticor title has a market share of 46% and is Top 5 of all title companies.
8) Ticor Title Insurance is the most effective and cost efficient way to make your home investment secure by protecting the basic proof of ownership.
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