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If you went solar already, you are a die hard.  Kudos to you.  Congratulations on watching your electric meter spin backwards.  If you haven’t gone solar, you haven’t seen the light (excuse the pun). Well, the light got brighter in Southern California recently with the introduction of a new way to save money on your electric bill that happens to use solar panels on your roof. SunRun, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) provider for purely residential customers is coming in a big way to sweep people off their feet and give Edison a run (SunRun) for it’s money.

What are my options for electricity? Can I now choose who gives me power? Now you can. SunRun provides clean, dependable solar electricity to your home from your roof and they front the cost, pay for maintenance, replace defective panels and equipment for the life of the 18 year term. You see, they are selling you the electricity from the solar panels just like Edison sells you electricity it gets from dirty coal power plants or nuclear power. You don’t buy the panels. They are selling the electricity from the panels.

So it must be expensive right? They must be making their money on the rate.  Well they are, but they are charging you less than what you would pay to Edison for the same electricity, at a flat rate adjusted only for inflation over the entire term. You are cash flow positive from the first day. No more waiting for payback for 10+ years, no more stress about equipment failure that is no longer covered by warranty. No wondering if and when Edison is going to raise the rates. Since this past April, the top tier energy has gone up from 8% to 11%.  I bet you didn’t realize that, (don’t worry hardly anyone does). You just have less money in that account that gets auto-debited than you would have had before April.

The caveat? Not every home qualifies.  The requirements include energy provided by Southern California Edison, a high energy usage ($150 per month plus), correct orientation of your roof and a decent credit score (above 680). Oh, and of course, a desire to save money and do your part to help the environment.  Also timing is important. The first come first serve rebate program from the California’s Solar Initiative has only a finite amount and that gets taken every time a system is installed. This PPA for residences program is so popular it is dropping the rebates faster than ever before in Southern California.  Reserve your rebate by calling Fabian today at 626-242-5686.

The best way to find out if your home qualifies is to schedule a consultation with Fabian Rousset, a SunRun’s sales advisor, who happens to be one of your neighbors in San Gabriel.  He will need to see an Edison bill.  He will then forward your information to engineers who work tirelessly day and night in a dark room with computer screens to design systems that will be able to save you money. Fabian will report back to you with your rate and will answer any questions you may have.

Call Fabian at 626-242-5686 for more information and to qualify.

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