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Think Relink 2009 Scholarship Winners Announced

On December 15th, Think RE*Link members Ryan Asao and Andrew Macintosh went to Arcadia High School to announce the winners of our 2009 scholarship competition. Participating seniors at Arcadia High School wrote short essays on “Why It’s Great to Live in Arcadia”. Numerous entries were read and counted, but only three students received a visit from our team and a check to benefit their future education.  Here are our winners!

1st Place Think RE*Link Scholar Velinda Liao

2ndd Place Think RE*Link Scholar Jean Shen

3rd Place Think RE*Link Scholar Theresa Lee

Why it’s great to live in Arcadia

By Velinda Liao

Arcadia, The city BusinessWeek magazine deems “Best Place to Raise Your Kids” under the state of California for the year of 2009; where two consecutive Rose Queens are proud to name as their hometown; where the public school system earns an outstanding score of 876 on the 2008-2009 Academic Performance Index; where life is as good as it gets. What more can you ask for?

Having gone to a high school with approximately 3600 students is something to brag about already, The student body of AHS is even bigger than some universities! Not only is the school as large as some colleges, it’s just as competitive. The ambition to be top ofthe class is intense, AHS offers a variety of AP and Honors classes for those who think they can take the challenge.

Living in the area near the foothills proves Arcadia’s symbol to be correct. Peacocks could be seen holding their heads high, strutting through roads in an egocentric a manner. Blue—green feathers are farmed out by males, a beautiful attraction for those driving past.  Baby peacocks are apparent during the springtime, following their mothers around. These peacocks make Arcadia special and unique.

Arcadia is quite a lovely sight, even without the peacocks in the picture. Lush and green, with a serene comfortable feel to it; the city is full of trees; every home has a well taken-care of lawn and many include decorated gardens. Take a walk through the town, and see not only the wonderful variety of houses but also the great atmosphere and abundance of life California weather brings. The only season that exists here is lovely bright springtime.

Like shopping? The mall is enormous, including JCPenney, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Westfield, as well as a newly opened outdoor Promenade. Walking through the entire place should provide enough shopping gratification and exercise for a good two months. By the time another shopping trip is needed, completely new styles will have piled up in the windows of all your favorite stores.

The people of Arcadia are superb. Friends can be made easily, and most everyone you’ll meet is honest and fair. People are never in a rush; they’re patient and kind, respectable, and well—marmered. Help is always around a friendly neighborhood, which the city is full ot] and privacy is respected. The variety of personalities you find is infinite. Here, there are teachers, artists, doctors, lawyers; everything is included.

My experience of living in Arcadia is irreplaceable. I love it here; I appreciate everything it offers. No matter where life may take me after I graduate, I will always keep my hometown close to my heart. Someday I will come back to visit all my favorite sites — the schools I attended, the library, the park — and feel that there’s something different, that something has changed; because something did change. But memories are everywhere, and memories don’t change. It is the memory of my childhood which will be what’s important; my memory of being a part of Arcadia.

About Ryan Asao

Ryan Asao is a Monrovia real estate agent and founder of Think RE*Link. Ryan currently serves as President of his local BNI and Toastmasters chapter and is a board member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals - MSELA Chapter and Mt. San Antonio College Foundation. He is also President Emeritus of the Arcadia Association of Realtors. When he's not working, Ryan is deeply involved with the activities of his family, volunteering with local schools and soccer organizations.


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  • Mollye, I've loved all your Convention blog posts but this is my favorite. (Probably because of all the great photos of Judy getting her 75 year pin!) Thanks for sharing the whole range of emotions! I know that exhausted feeling and the weirdness of the transition back to the real world after being immersed in 24/7 sister-love. LITB

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