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Social Networking Connect With Think RE*Link

Think RE*Link FacebookFacebook:

Facebook is one the best ways for people and businesses to keep in touch.  Not only is it a great hub for sharing pictures and video, Facebook also makes it simple for people to get connected.  When adding someone to your network you avoid having to find your friend’s obscure username and instead search for their name directly.  This makes networking personal and is one the reasons Facebook has become so popular.  Connect with Think RE*Link on Facebook to get updates on what we’re doing with our website, see behind the scenes images and videos, or just take a look at what we’re up to in our free time.  It’s never been simpler to make a connection.

Think RE*Link TwitterTwitter

With Twitter you get a bit size piece of the world in real time.  Twitter users are limited to 140 characters or less when updating their status, so the conversation is light and quick.  Connecting with Think RE*Link on Twitter allows you to have up to the minute updates from our team.  Twitter is also one of the most convenient mobile solutions on the web, making it simple to keep in touch with us on your phone.

YoThink RE*Link YoutubeuTube

YouTube is an extremely popular video service with a plethora of content uploaded every second.  Video content is something that sets Think RE*Link apart from the competition.  We use video to showcase houses, highlight important community events, or just discuss current Real Estate News.  When you subscribe to us on YouTube, you’ll be updated whenever we upload a new video.

Think RE*Link LinkedInLinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the least popular of these social networking sites, but still one of the most important.  The networking platform is (in a nutshell) Facebook for professionals.  Make a LinkedIn account and join up with your company.  Find colleagues and partners from the past and present, then look for networking opportunities within your network!  Who knows, your friends could be pals with that one contact you’ve been trying to meet!  LinkedIn is also a great resource for connecting with Think RE*Link.  Meet the members of our team and most importantly give us feedback and testimonials.  Even read testimonials from our past clients!

We look forward to connecting with you via all of these great social networking sites!  If you have any questions or would like to suggest future sites for us to use, please email Ryan Asao at

About Ryan Asao

Ryan Asao is a Monrovia real estate agent and founder of Think RE*Link. Ryan currently serves as President of his local BNI and Toastmasters chapter and is a board member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals - MSELA Chapter and Mt. San Antonio College Foundation. He is also President Emeritus of the Arcadia Association of Realtors. When he's not working, Ryan is deeply involved with the activities of his family, volunteering with local schools and soccer organizations.

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